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custom show jumps & remarkable equine events
building exceptional moments at our events and yours
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Beautiful Wood Show Jumps & WE Obstacles for Competition and Schooling

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Premier Equestrian Competitions & Educational Events in the Pacific NW

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Building exceptional moments at our events and yours.

Our work



River Run Equine LLC

Becky Mathews

Centralia Washington USA

Jumps background: December 3, 2006, River Run's home base in Centralia was underneath 3 feet of surging water when the nearby Skookumchuk and Chehalis rivers overflowed their banks in a record flood event.  When the water receeded, it took with it all of Becky's jumps.  After rebuilding the house and barn, there wasn't much left in the budget for jumps, but a girl's gotta jump, so off to the shop she went.  At first, it was a matter of functionality.  A little tweak to the usual designs, a hint more color.  But then the creative juices got flowing and Jumps by River Run was born.  Jonathan Elliott, Becky’s coach at the renowned Aspen Farms encouraged these new ideas, and soon asked Becky to start building for his horse trials.  In the last ten years, Jumps by River Run has built quality, memorable jumps for a number of barns and individuals all over the Pacific Northwest.  In 2016, Jumps by River Run started to build working equitation obstacles as well, most notably a series of uniquely designed bulls that are now found all over the state!

WE Background: Becky discovered WE years ago while searching for a new vocation for her feisty OTTB, Mia, who's body was unable to handle the demands of upper level jumping. Since that first introduction to a bull, Becky has jumped headfirst into the sport, attending clinics with and working alongside some of the top US and international WE clinicians and judges. Becky is a WE United Silver medalist, and has been ranked in the top five nationally at Intermediate A and B. She has ridden in clinics with some of the top US and international WE clinicians, including Rolf Janzen (GER), Nuno Matos (POR), and Tarrin Warrin (USA), and traveled to Portugal for an immersive WE education with Portuguese and World Champions Pedro Neves and Pedro Torres. Becky is a licensed Technical Delegate and 'L' pursuing 'r' judge certification.  She has designed the EOH and Speed courses for both US organizations’ National Championship Shows, and is known for her beautiful and innovative WE obstacles created through her business, River Run. Becky has hosted six licensed WE shows in WA and founded the Evergreen WE Club (EWEC)— a local GMO helping to build community and the sport in WA state. Becky has had the pleasure of hosting and teaching many “Intro to WE” clinics throughout the NW, and in the last few years, she’s helped more than 150 horse and rider pairs to try WE for the first time. She looks forward to more opportunities to help others discover this exciting and challenging way to put their dressage skills to work!


Ridgeback supervision/quality control by Kai, Tilly & Emmy

Equine designs tested and approved by Mandy, Hope & Mia


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